Sell Products Using QR codes for Mobile Devices

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For the merchant, ModShop maximizes the opportunity of capturing consumer interest instantly by answering the question “I wish I could buy that right now”. With ModShop , your customers can now shop anywhere at any time using their mobile device. The ModShop Merchant QR code enhances the standard technology with a unique state-of-the-art mobile shopping experience. Our code contains lines of information which are transferred instantly through Apple iPhone or Android smart-phone directly to the merchant using our proprietary “Mobile Order Direct” application design.

Facts & Statistics

Who is using ModShop?

  • Clothing Industry
  • Tradeshow & Events
  • Schools & Non-Profit
  • Perfumes & Cosmetic Industry
  • Music Industry

If you are ready to increase sales by taking advantage of the "I Want It Now" mobile lifestyle then become a ModShop merchant today.

Where to use ModShop

  • Magazines, Brochures & Flyers
  • Product Labels
  • School Programs
  • Newspapers & Mailers
  • Product Catalogs

QR Codes allow you to say so much more than your add space provides increasing product awareness and sales effectiveness.

Merchant Signup

Use ModShopTM  On This Media

  • Print Media
  • TV
  • Brochures
  • Catalogs
  • Product labels
  • Weekly Flyers
  • School Programs
  • Mailers
  • Email blasts
  • Newspapers
  • Billboards

Use ModShopTM In These Locations

  • Waiting Rooms
  • Beach/Poolside
  • Trains/Planes & Automobiles
  • Cruise Ships
  • School Activities
  • Community Events
  • Music and Art Programs
  • Theater
  • Spas/Salons

Top Ten ModShopTM Benefits

  1. New Item Distribution / Incentives
  2. Reorders for Brand Loyalty
  3. Quantifiable Marketing Results / ROI
  4. Incredibly High WOW Factor!!!
  5. Affordable Mobile Marketing
  6. Targeting Tech Savvy Customers (18-34)
  7. Create a Uniquely Powerful Impact
  8. Mobile Based Commerce
  9. Deliver Amazing Service
  10. Be the “Social Shopping Revolution” !!

As innovators of the ModShop “Instant Purchase” application, we realize your customer are #1!

ModShop provides a seamless transition and co-marketing with our valued Merchants to ensure Quantifiable Marketing Results.

Go ahead…Capture your Audience at the Height of Interest… Spoil your Customers with Convenience!

ModShop performs software engineering functions, developing brand specific programs, which enables companies to share in our technology and have a mobile instant purchase presence in the Mobile Market

Empower your print advertising! Boost your returns!