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Instant Selection . . . Instant Purchase . . . Instant Gratification . . .

Welcome to ModShop . We're taking QR codes to whole new level of instant gratification. Our revolutionary QR code maximizes your ability to complete any desire instantly using your smart mobile device. Whether its shopping on the go, completing a registration or notifying a business of your intentions you can now complete the process anywhere at any time using your Apple iPhone or Android mobile device.

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For the Consumer, ModShop is a smart-phone application that takes the legwork out of shopping by placing the items you want to purchase right at your fingertips for instant selection, instant purchase and instant gratification.

Using ModShopTM is as simple as 1, 2, 3

Step One

  • No Internet? NO Problem. Scanned Transactions. Transmit When Connected!
  • Add Items to WishList.
  • Scanned Codes are Saved in History.

Step 2

  • Make Selections Such as  Size , Color & Quantity…
  • Confirm Details. Create and Maintain Accounts and Shipping Information.
  • Purchase Items and Save Credit Card Info For Future Purchases.

Step 3

  • Select and Save Ship to Address & Confirmation of Ship to Address.
  • Merchant is Notified of Transaction and Email Confirmation is Sent.
  • Shipment Confirmation Via Email Exchange.

Find ModShop In These Locations

  • Clothing Industry
  • Tradeshow & Events
  • Schools & Non-Profit
  • Perfumes & Cosmetic Industry
  • Music Industry

If you are ready to increase sales by taking advantage of the "I Want It Now" mobile lifestyle then become a ModShop merchant today.

Find ModShop In This Advertising

  • Magazines, Brochures & Flyers
  • Product Labels
  • School Programs
  • Newspapers & Mailers
  • Product Catalogs

QR Codes allow you to say so much more than your add space provides increasing product awareness and sales effectiveness.

Get ModShopTM

ModShop is available on the Apple and Android Smart-Phones and mobile devices. Simply point your device to your APP Store and search for ModShop . IT'S FREE!. And get ready for a whole new mobile shopping experience.

Ready for ModShopTM?

If you're a consumer ready to experience ModShop's unique QR code technology simply point your smart device to your APP store and download ModShop for free.

Consumer Benefits

ModShop enables you to make a purchase instantly via your smartphone app, off the pages of your favorite magazine. Exciting! Right?

What can I buy? Just about everything!!! From A-LIST looks to Zillions of hard to find items!

Where do I find it? Look for the ModShop trademark QR Codes in your favorite magazines, catalogs, fashion brands, or department stores advertisements. (Coming Soon to a Magazine Near You)

Why can’t I buy that? Don’t see your favorite brand? Send Us a request! (link to request form)

Why is this easier? No more endless searching for the perfect item “as seen in” print ads or TV… Frustrated with shopping on a website, only to get lost in the process and end up purchasing nothing.

Forget about not having time, fighting traffic, wasting gas, only to get stuck in a long line. Take the leg work out of it!!