ModShopTM FAQ's

How does ModShop work?

Via Smartphone & QR code technology, this App empowers your customer the ability to complete a transaction, seamlessly to your company. Elevating your offline advertising to online functioning… Instantly!

Can we use ModShop on multiple advertisings?

Yes! Each code is uniquely created for each promotional campaign. Anywhere you like to display it.

How long will the ModShop QR code be valid for?

Each promotion will be customized to meet the needs of your program or promotion. If an expiration date must be used, we recommend a minimum of two months. Magazines/Press Ads have an amazing shelf life, but traditionally are well read by month three. We recommend one month follow-thru.

How long do you recommend the code be valid for?

Why close the deal so soon? Codes can be open ended, indefinitely! Allowing your advertisement the ability to be “alive and active” for new distribution and or reorders. *A ModShop customer may store a code in history for a later date purchase. The App’s History tab also empowers the customer to order/reorder, at their convenience. Providing the code is still active.

How many products/promotions can be featured on each QR Code?

Many… However, keep in mind the more text you use the larger the QR code will be. Therefore, keeping it to a minimum and featuring the most critical information, is key to a successful promotion and easier scan ability.

How does a customer process a transaction?

Download the APP at iPhone / Android Market Place… Scan Featured Code, Create an Account and Process the requested action.

How long does it take for a customer to process a transaction?

Literally Seconds, after the QR code is scanned, select promotion details & confirm process. An immediate email confirmation is sent to the account email address in real time.

Does the customer get confirmation of their registration/order?

Yes! The App, will display a Processed Successfully! Next, Emailed confirmation with summary. Final, follow up email with details of transaction and shipment information by merchant, if applies.

How will we know that the transaction was completed?

The app will conclude with “Items Processed Successfully” and an immediate email confirmation is sent to the account address in real time.

Will the customer receive a confirmation?

Yes! A confirmation of a successful transaction will be emailed upon completion of transaction. A second email from ModShop Merchant with tracking information will be sent, if shipping is required.

How fast can we see results?

Live, as these transactions are in real time….

How much does it cost?

The ModShop App is FREE to the consumer! For program pricing, a ModShop Representative will work with your company to best customize a plan for you.

How do I generate leads?

Contact our ModShop Team for creative registration ideas…

What kind of reports can we get?

Reports can show results, live orders generated, scans to app, statistics about demographics and more. Reports will be customized at the time of the program set up.

What type of Smartphone will the ModShop App work on?

Currently, built to work on both Android and IPhone platform.

How much storage space will the ModShop App take?


Will the ModShop App work on Tablets or Pads?

Yes, currently built for Android and IPhone platforms.

Will the customer’s information be sold?

No, the information will only be provided to Merchants in which you are subscribing for the intended purposes of transaction. ModShop does not share personal information with others without explicit consent. We follow strict privacy policies.

Will the customer’s information be secure?

Yes, all transactions received are encrypted and secured with SSL technology and

Do we have to list the price of the item on the ad?

Not necessarily. Each program will be customized to meet your needs. If the item is being sold, prices will automatically show on the ModShop order form.

Can multiple quantities be purchased?

Yes, unlimited quantities can be ordered. Unless limited by the Merchant. Depending on the promotion, the customer will be able to purchase multiple quantities of the same item or multiple items of the same brand.

How do we know about the free offer order?

QR code conveys that message. Print/ Media Advertisement backed by Merchants FREE offer!

In regards to promotions and sales, will the price automatically change when the customer ModShop ’s the code?

Yes! We enter the exact deal for your consumer/audience for an Instant valued purchase.

Is there is a shipping charge?

S&H is part of the promotion and open to Merchants discretion.

How soon will order ship?

Orders are captured, in real time, and sent immediately to order fulfillment destination for processing. Ideally the quickest and most reliable method is preferred. *Need a fulfillment center to process your orders? Inquire with a ModShop Team member.

Can orders ship to different addresses?

Yes, please inquire with a team member to integrate a process that customizes the quickest processing to delivery. Orders must be processed separately for each shipping address

How will the customer pay for the order?

The customer will pay using their registered credit/debit card information. Once the transaction is completed, an order summary will be sent in real time to your customer service/order fulfillment destination for financial processing & shipping.

How do customers register for the free offers?

Complete free download of App, scan code, fill in details and confirm for processing. Confirmation of entry sent to you in seconds! Registering for a free offer has never been easier!

How do customers register for a contest? After download of App…

Simply Scan code and select from contest details. Process for completion and a follow up email will confirm transaction.

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