The ModShopTM App

Instant Selection . . . Instant Purchase . . . Instant Gratification . . .

Introducing ModShop QR code technology, the next generation in Quick Response Marketing. The typical QR code redirects you to a website where the merchant can describe in more detail the items you scanned. ModShop's revolutionary and proprietary application extends the basic QR code technology to provide a "Real Time" completion process from purchasing to registration. The ModShopTM QR code App is available on Apple iPhone, iPad and Android Smart Phones. 

Common ModShopTM Uses


  • While waiting at the Dentist office, you page thru a magazine and see an ad for a new face cream. You scan the ModShop and are able to instantly purchase the item.
  • You see a catalog at a friend’s house. There is an item you are interested in. Scan the ModShop and complete the purchase instantly. No need tear out the page, take it home or write the information, only to forget about it.


  • A billboard has ModShop QR Code offering $1 OFF coupon favorite detergent. Scan code and receive coupon instantly via email address
  • Print Ad for Spa has special promotion to win a FREE spa day. Simply scan code and fill out information to be instantly registered .
  • Purchased an item and need to fill out a product registration card? Simply scan, fill in pertinent info. and process in seconds. No worries!


  • While at your daughter’s school musical performance, the director mentions the desperate need to for donations to save the department. The program has a ModShop on the back. You are able to make an instant donation to the school while listening to the performance.

Typical ModShopTM Scenarios

ModShop QR Codes on Press Ads: Not everyone is at a desk or in front of a computer when reading a magazine or print media. They are on the Go! Join them…

A ModShop QR code will link your press ad, to your readers no matter where they are. ModShop unique application allows your customers to interact with you without having a web connection.

Place a ModShop QR code on any item and bring it to life! (printed materials, packaging, posters, signs, websites, clothing)

Used creatively, ModShop QR codes excite customers and increase response rates by presenting a convenient and effortless avenue of communication.

QR Code Basics

ModShop QR Codes, unlike traditional bar codes, are two-dimensional. This means that the data contained on each code changes vertically, as well as horizontally. A QR Code can be scanned up as well as across. This two dimensional feature enables a QR Code to contain as much more information than a barcode. Data stored in a QR code can be, but is not limited to, contact information, URL’s, phone numbers, emails, addresses, and/or up to 4296 characters of information. A reader application is needed on a mobile device to read QR Codes.

QR Codes were invented in 1994 in Japan, by Denso Wave, a subsidiary of Toyota, to assist them in tracking their inventory. “QR” means Quick Response. QR Codes are new and unique. They magically connect you to a virtual universe of information. They are convenient and fast, as they send information to a mobile phone immediately, regardless of location.

QR Codes act as physical hyperlinks. They link offline to online and print to mobile. They are a digital doorway to the vast, infinite internet. QR Codes lead a mobile phone to a webpage in the internet.

Get ModShopTM

ModShop is available on the Apple and Android Smart-Phones and mobile devices. Simply point your device to your APP Store and search for ModShop. IT'S FREE!. And get ready for a whole new mobile shopping experience.